Fishing the Hinchinbrook Channel.

Barra fishing for all the familyPeople often ask me what is the best thing about fishing the Hinchinbrook Channel? Is it having the fabulous Channel for your office? Is it the wonderful scenery and pristine wilderness? Is it the excellent fishing, chasing Barramundi, Permit (Snub Nosed Dart), Mangrove Jacks, Giant Trevally, Monster Queenfish and a host of other tropical fish? Is it seeing Turtles, Dolphin, Dugong, Crocodiles or the plentiful birdlife as you fish?

Fishing from the Cardwell JettyTo me its all of the above plus being able to go out whatever the wind speed as we fish in protected waters. That’s the big plus, being able to have access to calm waters most days and having good boat ramps.

There’s nothing better than working your lure close to a snag and seeing that silver flash as its grabbed by a Barra. Watching it tail-walk across the water, gills flaring as they try to dislodge the lure, making repeated line stretching runs followed by more jumps. That’s Fishing!

Nice Barra caught on flyIt might be chasing Pelargics out and around Missionary Bay or chasing bait schools being trashed by tuna. I prefer to work a good sized “Popper” close to a bait school or in the current on a headland. Working that lure really fast and seeing the mighty splash as its monstered by a “GT”, then seeing the drag smoking as it peels of line at an astonishing rate. Long hard runs followed by plenty of pumping and winding is the order of the day. That’s Fishing!

Sheltered two lane boat rampIt might be working up one of the numerous creeks that run into the channel, on the electric motor chasing the dirty fighting Mangrove Jack. Working the lure close to the Mangrove roots system, having it smashed and taken right into the timber before you can say ”I’m on”! Sometimes you get your lure back, some times you don’t and even sometimes you get your lure and a fish. That’s Fishing!

The much sought after Permit (Snub Nosed Dart)Now if all of the above doesn’t get the blood coursing through your veins, how about down sizing the tackle, and fish the crystal clear freshwater streams that also abound in the area. A day on the sweetwater can be fun, chasing Jungle Perch, Sooty Grunter, Tarpon and a bit closer to the estuary mouth, Mangrove Jacks and Barramundi. Now this is sight fishing at its best, crystal clear water, light gear and tiny “Poppers”, watching a “JP” smash the lure and leap about all over the creek. They can spend as much time out of the water as a Barra!

Anglers from around the world visit the Hinchinbrook regionOr working it close to one of the many sunken trees and seeing it absolutely smashed by a “Horse” of a Sooty! Now that’s Fishing!

It might be chasing lagoon Barramundi, fish that are land locked till the next wet. They also respond to a surface lure but tend to work deep when hooked, using there weight and speed, in mind boggling runs and still leap a bit too. Nothing better than seeing that flash of color as it gets close to the boat which also is the signal for another run. That’s Fishing!