Kirrama Range Road

Kirrama Range Road

The Kirrama Range Road was reopened on 6 December 2014 after nearly a decade of being closed to the public.

Blencoe Falls

Blencoe Falls – Photo © Wet Tropics Management Authority

The road begins near Kennedy, 12km north of the Cardwell Rainforest & Reef Visitor Information Centre. The road is in Girringun National Park and winds its way up through stunning World Heritage rainforest and eucalypt woodland, leading to the impressive Blencoe Falls and Herbert River Gorge. From here, it is possible to travel on to Mount Garnet and the Upper Tablelands.

The historic value of the Kennedy Valley continues up Kirrama Range road, where the Society Flats site is now enjoyed by visitors wanting to witness massive virgin forests, standing as originally witnessed by early timber fellers.

Blencoe Falls is a part of the Girringun National Park and one of the most stunning waterfalls in Australia.  Blencoe Falls is the northern gateway to Wet Tropics Great Walk, encompassing over 110klms of bushwalking trails and campsites.

Blencoe Creek plunges 90m to the pool below before cascading a further 230m to the base of the gorge. Camping, bushwalking and scenic drives enhance the visitors experience of this diverse Wet Tropic area.

More information, maps of the Kirrama Range Road and National Parks Camping Permits for Blencoe Falls can be obtained from the Cardwell Rainforest & Reef Visitor Information Centre.

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